ADVChina: Adventure Talk Show on 2 Wheels


Moto Vlogging with a twist. 

Follow China vloggers, SerpentZA (Winston) and laowhy86 (C-Milk) as they tackle a topic every week as they cruise through China on their hand-built Churchill Moriarty motorcycles.

Stay up to date on the coming TV show, "Conquering Southern China"; expected to be released in 2016.  The China vlogging dual hit 5 provinces on their 125cc motorcycles, and cover over 5000 km. of some of the toughest roads that China has to offer. Soaking in culture, trying the weirdest foods, and meeting some of the most interesting people along the way makes this trip so special.

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"The Original China Vlogger"

Bikes, Beer, and Adventure is the mantra of this vlogger. In China for over 10 years, his knowledge for the country has been loved by many. Well known for series like, "China, How It Is", and "What's Happening in China", Winston has been teaching everyone how to "stay awesome" since 2006.



A "laowinner" since 2012, C-Milk has been travelling and living in China for over 7 years. Focusing on culture, food, and local interaction, this China vlogger is well known for series such as, "What's up with?", and "China Tips"